Top 6 Healthcare Apps

If you are all set to complete your New Year resolution of taking care of your health or you worried that you will fail to do so as you have in the previous years, then read on. It is also possible that you are not able to frame a specific routine which keeps a deep eye on your health due to the busy schedule. Like all older and new day to day problem, technology is all set to help you. There are many smartphone applications which guide you in maintaining health issues and help you frame a proper routine.
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Before starting your gym or fitness activity install following apps on your smartphone.

  1. FITOCRACY: Fitocracy is quite similar to a video game that keeps you motivated and full of zeal to pass the day to day target, and you do it very easily just because you wish to enter the next stage. Play and earn model of this app keeps you active the whole day. It provides very effective fitness tips, daily routine suggestions, and expert guidance.
  2. Home Work: A paradise for beginners. It will guide you with some really amazing and easy workouts and exercise that work very effectively on your body. It starts with very common and easy steps and empowers your body very steadily without any extra effort. It includes animations and videos of workouts, stretching and warm-up that eases your practice and reduces the expense of gym. Water drinks reminder, walking reminder and period trackers are the additional features that make it more reliable and smart fitness app.
  3. Lifesum: Lifesum app is the best combination of workout and diet chart. Rather than forcing some hectic workout or diet plan, it suggests you very fundamentals of food choices and workout which build the fundamentals of your health. It focuses on height, weight and gender-based combination and suggests you according to your requirements. It will work on maintaining the BMI (body mass index) of your body. It also tracks your exercise and diet with some special social features.
  4. NUDGE: Nudge is another app that keeps you on track of a healthy lifestyle. Its ability to associate with other health app provides you a competitive environment where you can compare your 30 days activity with your friend and family. It will motivate you to be in the race and to improve yourself.
  5. Runtastic: Runtastic with its advanced technology like Android Wear, statistic feature, graphing model, running tracking feature and many others is way ahead of any contemporary app. It is also true that for its effective and efficient services, it costs a bit high in comparison to others. It enriches its facilities with an association of Google Fit and myFitnesPal. It coaches you in running and other cardio exercises.
  6. Homespace: If your yoga lover and want to meditate for some time or want to practice yoga and meditation, Homespace is providing you full space to do so. It guides you with different meditation tips, posture, and tools. It gives practice sessions and sends you random notification regarding relaxation and breathing.

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