How to Customise Lock Screen of Windows 10

Yes, you can make your screen wonderful and productive.  Your screen is something that you are abided to. Whenever you sit in front of your computer, you stare at your screen. You see It even when you are entering your password for unlocking the windows.  The lock screen of Windows 10 is usable in several ways. You can set it to show applications notifications, events of the calendar along with time and date. Your own pictures can be added for the background. Windows will add the rotating images. Follow the below-given tips for customising Windows 10 screen.

Customise Lock Screen of Windows 10
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  1. Select the background

Users will be presented with 3 alternative the lock screen. They are Slideshow, Picture and the Windows Spotlight. The option of the picture lets you chose one of the images for the background. The Slideshow will allow you to select the folder that would cycle via the photos collection. From Bing’s homepage, Windows Spotlight would choose some of the excellent quality photos.

  • Add some applications

Do you need a functional lock screen? Just add up to 8 applications. They will show at a glance status. For picking up these apps, just visit Settings, tap on Personalization, hit Lock screen and select an app for displaying specific status. Select the applications for showing quick statutes. Users may tap a box and pick up an app. You don’t want the apps to show up? Then merely tap each of the tables. Set up the app to none. Statuses that consist of Skype, Weather, Mail, Calendar and the Xbox are shown up. It will depend upon the downloaded apps on the gadget.

  • On the lock screen, just put Cortana

You need not unlock your PC for chatting with Cortana. For talking with Cortana, you have to be in your comfort zone. Just go to Settings, and tap on Cortana. Switch on the Use Cortana when the device is locked up. Basic tasks can be performed through it, such as updates regarding weather when the device is locked. You can even make appointments with the help of Cortana. Just go to the box and check, Let Cortana access my calendar, messages, email and the Power BI data in the locked device.

  • Change sign in screen background

You will be presented with two options- the displayed photo on the lock screen and solid colour. If you have to post a picture then just go to Personalization in the Settings, and tap on Lock screen and switch on Show lock screen background image on the sign in screen. Open the Personalization, and select colours to pick an accent colour.

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